Monday, April 29, 2013

Suvi walker?

Ok, not really. There was no fire in the fire pit this evening, so it was ok that Suvi decided to play in it...

We put all the fallen sticks and branches from the backyard trees in there, and apparently the best ones for chewing were buried in the bottom. Suvi had no problem diving in {there's no doubt she takes after her parents} and getting dirty. Sort of. At least her front paws.

Ramsey's not quite sure what's going on...


  1. omigosh, this is so funny! her butt in the air! and ramsey's confused expression is priceless...

  2. Suvi is so adorable! I guess there isn't really much difference between a three-year-old dog and a three-year-old child. Always so curious and playful. And I love Ramsey's little "huh?" face.

    Haven't seen any videos on Chad's Youtube channel in a while. Tell him his fans are anxious for new puppy footage!

  3. lol So she's making double work for you but we know that's all okay! :)