Monday, May 21, 2012

Most Popular Dog Names, for the top 10 breeds.

First of all, American Pit Bull Terriers were listed among the top 10 breeds in the US. How cool is that?! I don't know how statisically sound these ratings are, but I won't argue. did some number-cruching and name-analysis, and here are the results for Chihuahuas and Pitties. Unfortunately (*or fortunately), Dobes didn't make the top 10.


Most popular male name: Chico, followed by Max, Peanut, Buddy, Gizmo.
Most popular female name: Bella, followed by Chloe, Daisy, Princess, Coco.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Most popular male name: Blue, followed by Zeus, Diesel, Rocky, King.
Most popular female name: Bella, followed by Diamond, Princess, Roxy, Daisy.

They're all cute names, but I'm happy to see the lists don't include Pablo and Suvi. I think this world can really only handle one of each of them....

*I say "or fortunately" because being in the Top 10 list of anything dog-related can immediately signal to puppy mill owners to start breeding more of that type of dog. Which, of course, can also lead to more purchases, unwanted puppies, owner surrenders, and all of the things that lead to more of these "top" breeds being found in shelter or rescue environments.

Do you prefer traditional, trendy, or unique dog/pet names? What are your favorite unique dog names?


  1. It seems like the girl-dog names I tend to like the best end in -a: Lola, Stella, that kind of thing. Not Bella, though it seems like everybody else in the world wants to name their dog Bella. Do you think they don't know that we all know it comes from Twilight, and/or means "pretty"?

    Boy-dog names, I confess I haven't thought much about. In general, I do like "person" names for dogs, though perhaps unusual ones and not just "Steve".

  2. I named my first chihuahua, Chooch. She was 16 years old when I got her and nobody knew what her name was. She kept following my other dog around so I kept thinking of a train so it was either kaboose or Chooch as in choo choo train. I named my second on before I even found her, Bean. The two I have now are Frankie and Lani. Always enjoy your blogs, Thanks, Allison

  3. We tend to give our dogs interesting names. Our current four are Bez, Brina, Keine, and Sunshine. Sunshine is a Min Pin and her name fits. Bez is my 13+-year old Dobie boy. He was full grown and needed to be neutered when we got him, so he became Bez, Russian for "without". Brina was 3 1/2 and already named Brina, so it stayed. Keine is my first (and only) non rescue and a puppy. His full name in Keine Eins Ablehnen, German for "no ones reject." We liked how Keine Ein sounds very similar to canine, and I can call him Keiney Heiney. I think my next dog may be Spot!

  4. If I ever got a boy pit bull, I would have to name him Brad. Brad PittBull.