Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ramsey and Pablo (and Suvi) fans are everywhere!

Getting ready to leave a restaurant after lunch a few weeks ago, we were approached by a Ramsey and Pablo fan - she recognized us both from Facebook, and stopped over to say hi and show us her dogs! She had her 11-year-old chihuahua siblings in a carrying bag, and they were ADORABLE.

We left the restaurant, and I was in shock. Did we just get recognized from the internet?!
I expected Chad wouldn't even be phased by this, but he was in awe too. I suppose it happens every now and then - R & P fans are all over the world!

This wasn't the first time I'd met a fan though...and my favorite R & P story is this one:

About 3 months into dating Chad, I went back to my college town to visit my cousin and some friends. My cousin Christina was telling me about her new boyfriend, when her sister piped in and told her to ask me about my new crazy dog guy. I gave her the scoop about Chad (without yet mentioning his name), and how we shared this "crazy" love of dogs. I told her all about the doberman and chihuahua, how we were introducing them to Suvi, and how amazing their interactions together were - in fact, so incredible that they had a YouTube fan base. Christina cut me off mid-sentence, "Wait, you're dating CHAD DRESSEN?!?"

Wowzers. My cousins live in the U.P. of Michigan. I hadn't given her his first name, and don't know that I even mentioned Ramsey and Pablo's names. She's a dog lover, but this felt insane - she knew as much about my boyfriend as I did. In fact, she'd probably known his name well before I'd ever met him!

I love how passionate dog people are about their dogs, and how we all love to share photos, stories, and our pooches with one another. I hope to meet many more of the dogs' fans someday!

I brought Christina an "I <3 Ramsey and Pablo" mug the next time I saw her!


  1. hey I want a mug ! maybe a t shirt and of course a pillow. oh better yet how about a pillow case? I think ya'll need to start making some r,p and s things now :)Ramsey is my all time favorite . I love the chomping noise she makes when she plays and pabs wouldve been a goner ages ago but because she was raised with so much love lil pabs lives haha :)

  2. Hi! I'm just wondering that where the name Suvi comes from? :)

    1. Hi! Suvi is a Finnish girl name, and it means summer (though that isn't why I picked it). There's a little more about the reason behind the name in this post:


    2. yeah, i though so :P my sister's name is suvi! and we are from Finland of course :D i love your blog, pet Suvi for me.
      T. Owner of two chihuahuas and dreams of having a pitbull someday

  3. Hey cuz! Loved being a feature for one of your blogposts. :]
    My heart broke when my "I <3 ramsey and pablo" mug met its demise a few months was a hectic game day for marching band and broke into pieces when i dropped my backpack. Someday I'll buy another one...but it won't be as special as yours!
    love, nina!

  4. I'm from South Africa and I just love your 3 babies, I came across Pablo first, while just searching YouTube for chihuahua's and chugs - warms my heart to know there are so many others who care about their dogs, and make them a part of the family, as I do with mine :)

  5. You guys are going to be famous like mishka,laikla, and mooki