Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ramsey the Ninja

Chad recently posted a video of Ramsey playing Ninja. I've captured some still shots of her ninja moves that I thought might be fun to share. I love that she and Chad have their own special stalking game - one that Ramsey started doing naturally as a puppy - and that Chad can now get her to play by making a particular pretend-growly face at her...

(I'm preeeettty sure Chad is not going to be happy with me for posting the face he makes to get Ramsey to stalk....whoopsie.)



  1. Great shots! =)

    Silly Ramsey!
    She looks so happy! =)

  2. Hey, that's the risk you take when you blog!

    Ninja Ramsey is funny!

    I can get Elka to slowly stalk something, not on cue yet, and she doesn't crouch.

  3. Ha-ha! That is a great face!!

  4. I love Ninja Ramsey! She is so lovely!

  5. The face is not so bad! What does Ramsey do, once she gets to him, do they roll around? Love all three of your dogs, they're great!!