Sunday, February 26, 2012

Suvi Loooooves Home Improvement

Suvi loves home improvement. She especially loves to help. And sometimes, when she feels we don't have enough to do, she creates new projects for re-wiring the cable jack, and drywall touch-ups...

Ok, so that one time she ate the wall was when she was a puppy...and she may have also gnawed off the corner of the {people} bed we let her have in "her room." But with the help of some bitter apple spray, and plenty of kongs and exercise, she's no longer destructive in her room :)

Feel free to share your "puppy home improvement help" horror stories below - I know we all have them!


  1. What a good helper Suvi is!

    Elka thoroughly gnawed one of the corners in the kitchen.

  2. Reminds me of my Sleepy, a black lab that died a few years ago, she chewed up a seatbelt, chewed through electrical wires that were active, and even drank bleach and still kept on going until she was hit by a car, she survived, but was never the same physically and eventually died from it.

  3. Not exactly a home improvement project, but one of ours cleared out the pantry for us. Four of the six shelves. Labs must have iron stomachs. They consumed everything, leaving just torn containers in their wake, and small bits of pasta. Love the pictures of Suvi!