Monday, March 26, 2012

go to bed, Pablo!

Pablo is a night owl. Nocturnal. Up at the crack of dark.

This morning my alarm went off at 5:11 am. I'm weird about alarms - I always set them on a odd number, and never on a 5. Nevermind my slight OCD - snoozing the alarm is probably one of my favorite pastimes. I spend hours a week snoozing after the first alarm sounds on my phone. It's likely not the best, healthiest form of sleep, but it makes me feel like I'm getting away with something. Breaking the rules a little before I give in to the corporate giant for the next nine hours of my day.

But Pablo, his favorite thing is to do
 is take laps around the bed the instant the first alarm goes off. Laps. Over my legs, across my head, feet in my hair, back down to the bottom of the bed, and around a few more times.

"Go to bed, Pablo," and he crawls right back into his nest of blankets at the foot of the bed.

Repeat, every 7 minutes, each time my alarm goes off again. "Go to bed, Pablo."  It's literally become a command at our house, and he almost always listens.

Now, all of this would be just fine - I could appreciate that he's a morning dog - except he does it randomly throughout the night, too. And then, the second you're up and about and ready to take him out to potty, he's nowhere to be found. Or rather, he's always found burrowed deep in his nest of blankets. It's apparently bedtime, since he's been up all night.

I think I'm going to start taking him for a long walk at about 9:00 pm. Or maybe set an alarm that goes off every 5 minutes during the day, while I'm gone. See how HE likes being woken up during his favorite sleeping time... Or maybe, I'll figure out a way to make my alarm a voice that just says "Go to bed, Pablo," over and over until I snooze, hopefully preventing the laps altogether...


  1. My little guy does the EXACT same thing until I tell him to "settle down." Otherwise, he'll prance all over me and my hair until I'm up.

  2. haha... too funny! Lucky for me sleeping at all times is my beagles favorite pastime. On work days I literally have to wake her up as you would a child for school... and her reaction is pretty on par with a child for school as well. :)