Friday, March 16, 2012

traveling without puppies

We've traveled quite a lot over the last year, and it never fails, we post Facebook photos and the comments include "who's watching Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi??"

Well, we have the most amazing friends, family, and pet sitters in the history of the world, and they all help us out! Mostly, we rely on our friends Robbie and Danielle, who have been Ramsey and Pablo's puppy sitters for years. They lived right near Chad before, but we love them so much we asked them to continue being our puppy sitters even when we moved a few miles away, and luckily they agreed.

This means we can travel worry-free, because our pups get to be at home, with people they know and love, and that we trust completely. We are trying to plan a few dog-friendly roadtrips this summer though - maybe up to the North Shore of Lake Superior, Michigan, or somewhere in Southern MN.

What do you all do with your pups when you travel? Do you have a favorite kennel? Great dog-sitters? Or maybe your four-legged buddies travel with you everywhere you go?


  1. We're lucky to live in a town with a vet school and have had great success in the past with having students house-and-pet sit for our dogs and cats. Now days we have a couple of dear friends that live right down the street and one of them comes and stays at the house with our current crew of 3 chihuahua's, a boston terrier and a 13 year-old cat. It is such a comfort to know our fur kids are being will cared for and able to keep to their routine (which they LOVE) while we are away. I feel very fortunate indeed.

  2. I pretty much bring mine everywhere, except Germany :( they weren't allowed to come with me here. BUT- luckily I have an amazing family on 5 acres so my girls are there until I'm stateside this May! Anyway... yes in normal not stuck overseas life, I bring them EVERYWHERE. If you get them certified as "Canine Good Citizens" they can pretty much go and stay anywhere with you. :)

  3. A very fun place to take the whole family is Bayfield, WI, on Lake Superior. They have several dog-friendly hotels lodging, and there's a ton to do! The can ride the ferry over to Madeline Island, play in the park, sit on the deck of some of the bar/restaurants, plus there's lots of nature to explore! We take our pups very summer!

    1. Awesome tip, thanks so much! Bayfield is on the way between Minneapolis and my hometown of Ironwood, MI - and I've never been up there! We definitely need to make a trip of it, I'll check out the link.