Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Puppy Daddy in the Whole World

We are lucky to have him - the best puppy daddy in the whole world - right here, in our house!  You all probably already know this, because so many of you have been watching (or listening) to him behind the scenes with Ramsey and Pablo for years.

Just to confirm your suspicions though, here are the reasons why I think he's the best. The puppies have their own list below, too!

  1. He rubs the puppies' backs and says nice things to them when they're sick, instead of yelling at them for throwing up on the floor.
  2. He gets really mad when people say bad things about the pups, and would defend them to the end of time.
  3. He tells them he loves them 85 times a day, each. Out loud.
  4. He plays with each of them in the way that they like best. Every day.
  5. He loves Suvi as much as he does Ramsey and Pablo, even though he hasn't known her for even a fraction of the time he's known them. There are no "step-children-pets" in our house.
  6. He would rescue every homeless dog in the world, if he could, but also wouldn't do it at the expensive of affecting the quality of life of our dogs. So he finds other ways to help save them.

Here are the reasons that Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi think their daddy's the best:

  1. He gives them multiple treats, daily. Just for being cute. 
  2. He lets them sit under the table at dinner time, and always gives them a bite at the end of the meal. (After he licks off the spicy stuff, so they don't sneeze too much).
  3. He let them give him (almost) as many kisses as they want. On the face. 
  4. He worries about them a lot, and that means extra attention. (I personally think Pablo fakes sick sometimes 'cause he's got this figured out).
  5. He buys them special toys, and always makes sure that they each have one, so there's no fighting or playing favorites.
  6. He lets them take up all the room on the bed that they want, and then sleeps around them.
  7. He likes to take their pictures. They like the attention they get from him, and the rest of the world. 
All of these things, and many, many more are why we are so incredibly lucky to have him in our lives. In addition to being the best in the world right now, it gives us all a great sneak preview of what an amazing daddy he'll be to human babies some day. (Let's be clear, this is not a hidden message. Some day in the future, quite a while from now. But all of the same things that apply to our pups will apply then, and it's a great feeling to just know it....) 

So, the pups say, Happy Father's Day - to Chad, and all of the other Daddies of human and furry babies out there. We hope you had a fabulous, relaxing day!


  1. Love it!!! Tina

  2. Happy Father's Day, Puppy Daddy! A little late.

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