Monday, June 11, 2012

Giveaway Monday: Mosaic Leash Holder

Our first giveaway!   Here's the scoop:   We have 39,000 blog views right now. When we get to 50,000 blog views, we'll be giving away a mosaic leash holder to one of our subscribers, who comments on this post!   (I say "we" a lot. By that I really mean "the dogs and me" ;))

How do you win?
  1. Subscribe to our email list (spam-free, I pinky swear):    Subscribe to The Life of a Puppy Momma by Email or sign up in the box below this post.
  2. Comment below (be sure to enter your name. Anonymous can't win). Feel free to leave a comment about your favorite Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi moment, or to tell us about your own pooches.
  3. Tell your friends!  The giveaway only happens when we reach 50,000 views, so share a link to your favorite Puppy Momma post via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Pin us on Pinterest, whatever works for you.
  4. We'll randomly choose a winner from those that have commented AND subscribed, and let you know via email! We'll give you a little shout out, minus your contact info, on the blog, too!
Let's just be honest - I'm planning a giveaway in order to grow a viewer base. Good news is, you already know and love us all, so you have a great shot at winning this awesome leash holder.

Now, some info about the prize: Made by Crafts for Canines, it's a 12-inch long bone-shaped leash holder with a stained glass mosaic. It's sturdy, and comes with hooks on the back for hanging, and hooks on the front for your leashes, collars, and pet clothes (c'mon, you know you have some...).  It's valued at $65.00.

I'll share progress on blog views at the bottom of each new post!  Good luck!!


  1. Your link does not work. I love all the moments with all 3.

    1. Thanks for catching that! I just updated it. Whew.

  2. I just found this blog... bout time...

  3. The very very first time I ever heard of Ramsay was years ago on YouTube, when I found "Doberman Attacks Chihuahua" (I think that's what it was called). Then I watched the rest of them. Then I went to the web site.

    That many views is exciting! I hope you reach 50k soon!

  4. Hey Guys, I love the leash holder and since I have three dogs and will always have at least three dogs, it will work great! Love from Allison, Remy, Frankie and Lani.

  5. My favorite memories are the photos of Ramsey with Pablo when he was a tiny little puppy and the photo of all 3 dogs sitting on the couch with Pablo on one side and Ramsey and Suvi on the other.

  6. I love the leash holder! Right now I am without a pupper, but hope to have another Dobie in my life soon. I love all three of your babies, but I am partial to Ramsey and Dobermans in general. We had an absolutely wonderful Dobergirl named Jett for ten and a half years until she died suddenly in January of a cardiac arrhythmia. She was a funny goofball who I always thought was a petty criminal in another life, until I read about Ramsey's thieving of Pablo's snacks, and now I'm thinking they're all just crooks! Haha! Anyway, we are in the process of looking for another Doberman to welcome into our lives, but until then I get my fix watching your funny videos of all three of your sweet dogs!

  7. Hi guys....I absolutely love ur blog. I look forward to all ur new adventures. Keep up the great work!!!

  8. Ooooh, what a pretty piece! It looks like it belongs in a museum. I could really use it, I just got a Lab puppy and keeping his leash out of his reach is a chore! Also, where did you get Suvi's collar? The thick brown one; it looks pretty heavy duty and I think it would come in handy for a rambunctious Lab! Thanks :)

  9. I've been following Ramsey and Pablo for several years (have been a momma to two chi's in my life, Newton and Melly) and am a huge fan. The addition of Suvi - truly one of the prettiest dogs I've ever seen, those spots are to die for - has made the adventures that much more fun, interesting and hilarious. As the co-founder of a Canadian national dog rescue group ( I really appreciate the efforts you make to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and the importance of seeing the past the breed.

  10. When my husband and I were looking to ad another dog to our family the only really real criteria I had was the dog be short haired. We also have a Malamute and though I love her to pieces, I really don't want another dog to chase around the house with a vacuum. My husband wanted a large dog.

    So while doing some research online I came across Ramsey and Pablo and fell head over heals for Ramsey. We ended up with an adorable black and tank Doberman puppy.

    It's been 3 years now with our Dober-boy and he's been the coolest dog I've ever had. He's a clown, a love, a protector, a spaz, a cuddler, an epic whiner, a foot warmer and a best friend.

    Here's to Ramsey for leading us to Dante our best canine friend!

    Thanks guys for bringing awareness to misunderstood breeds and helping others see past the headlines.

  11. Belated Happy Doggie Daddy Day to Chad!! I think they are all pretty lucky to have a puppy momma like you too! Though I'm definitely a Dobie lover your trio are just amazing. Thank you both for all the work you do to promote punishing the deed and not the breed, there are no bad dogs just bad owners.

  12. Thank you for all of the great photos, videos and blogs about Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi. I love that you are showing the world that these "scary" breeds really aren't scary at all, just misunderstood.

  13. I absolutely love your dogs, I watch every video and enjoy every second. I have a small dog too so I adore Pablo :)

    I would love to have that leash holder in my house as a reminder of those 3 funny guys. It would make me smile everyday!

    I send you all the love from Romania!

  14. Hi Brandy, I've been following Chad, Ramsey, & Pablo for several years now. Love them, but I think my all-time favorite moment was when Chad introduced us to you and Suvi. He didn't have to explain anything, but the fact that he did showed how much he cares for you and all three puppies. You make their family complete (unless you want to throw a human baby into the mix).