Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Howl-o-ween 2012. They Hate Me.

ok, howl-o-ween is so overused. but, cute. literally the only 'celebrating' we did this year was to buy a new costume from the clearance section three days after Halloween, and shame the girls into each trying it on. they hate me now, i'm sure of it.  well, actually, i think Ramsey was feeling a bit left out when Suvi was running around the house with me following, laughing hysterically, and yelling, 'here, piggy, piggy, piggy!' - so she may have actually enjoyed the attention she got when i put it on her!

excuse the poor photos - I was trying to move quickly with my iphone, but these girls are fast :)

She has a fat head. I tried to use double-sided tape to stick it to her, which she wasn't sure about....but seriously, how cute would it be if her big floppy ears stuck out the right way??

Ramsey is way too big for the size Large costumes at Target, so the body just got strapped around her neck. Strangely enough, the head part fit her much better than it fit the pit bull's fat head.

{back story: Suvi makes a funny little grunting noise that sounds like a pig when she wants something - usually when she wants outside, or out of her room, etc. she's done it all her life, and i've half-heartedly attempted to teach her to do it on command - the command being 'what does a piggy say?' maybe some day....}


  1. HAHA, Suvi Pig is hilarious! Ramsey pig is a different kind of adorable, though I may be biased.

    (I hate that the "large" sizes in most retail dog things seem to be for like, beagles.)

  2. My chihuahua ate his bat costume long before Halloween actually came. I think he destroyed it on purpose because he knew Mom was going to make him wear it :(

  3. Aaw, that is too cute *_*
    I really need a costume for my Chi to shame him ;) ♥

  4. If I may say so, Ramsey looks quite fashionable with the piggy hat and scarf (as that is what it looks like on her). It's almost too bad they didn't have a mini pig costume to dress Pablo in, that way you guys could have had the Three Little Pigs! What other costumes has Suvi sported over the years?

  5. They both look so cute in the piggy costume. 'What does a piggy say?' reminds me of A Christmas Story. Maybe you can have Suvi watch that part over and over.