Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Who's Comfy? Not Momma...

This is a typical evening in our house, when Chad is gone. I'm laying on the couch watching TV, and having my personal space invaded by all three snuggle bugs. (Ok, wearing a scarf while laying on the couch is not typical, it was just so cozy I forgot to take it off....)

Suvi is sound asleep, with her nose buried in my neck, breathing puppy breath so hot I didn't even need a blanket. Pablo is sleeping in his usual downward-facing dog position (sometimes his back gets sore, so he finds a spot to prop himself up and stretch it while he sleeps).

I couldn't get Ramsey in the picture with my iphone camera and the angle at which my arm was allowed to work, but she's down by Suvi's bottom half, curled up behind my knees, snoring loud as can be.

How do your dogs sleep on casual evenings? Are they allowed on the couch? Does anyone else's dog have a fascination with having their face buried in something in order to sleep comfortably (like Suvi)??


  1. Very cute. While I've never seen a dog prop his butt up like Pablo is doing, I do have a chihuahua who likes to be completely covered when he sleeps, nose and all. You and Chad's dog's are so cute.

  2. Our Dobie puppy Rio has a couple of beds she likes to rest on, one in the den next to her daddy's desk, and one in the kitchen in our bay window where she can bask in the sunshine. Bedtime is in her crate; she is a breeder rescue and was bounced around to different places, so she is used to it and generally prefers sleeping there. Our last Doberman was never allowed on our bed or furniture and we told ourselves we'd be just as strong about it with Rio.... but she sometimes ends up getting cuddled on the sofa! We're a couple of suckers. Love your blog and pictures! Keep 'em coming!

  3. My Chihuahua Tequila always sleeps on the couch, burried in a blanket. The only thing one can see is the tail =D So adorable.