Sunday, April 1, 2012

having a Pittie Party

MN Pit Bull Rescue hosts a Pittie Party fundraiser every year, complete with a silent auction. Being that Suvi was adopted from MN Pit Bull, we love to do what we can to support them!  (oh, and could there possibly be a better name for this party?!)

Here are some fun pics from last year's event:

Having a drink while enjoying the magic show (really!) at the Pittie Party. The magician bent a quarter with his bare hands.

Oooooh, he's going to be MAD at me for sharing our silly photos! Who can turn down a photo booth opportunity, though. Fun!

 Here we are "guarding" the leash and collar we bid on at the silent auction. Have you seen the big, beautiful leather collar that Suvi wears? We call it her "necklace" and we won it at the auction last year!

This year was even more successful, and a ton of fun! We were able to help by collecting some donations for the event (thanks Kimberly Dalton designs, Lintu Art: Sarah Thornton, Crafts for Canines, and Primp!), as well as donate some money by bidding on - and winning - a few auction items. There were so many auction items in total, that they literally ran out of table space!! So great to see!

We won a photo session from Tara Engle photography - and we plan to have some canvases printed to hang on the wall next to our fireplace. Can't WAIT!

We also won a new collar for Ramsey from CaliGirl Collars.

Doesn't she look pretty with her new necklace??

My favorite part of the event, besides seeing a great organization raise some awesome money? The cupcakes from Amy's cupcakes. I'm not even kidding. I'm not a sweets person, but these were amazing!!

Vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla bean buttercream frosting. Yum!

A slideshow was played of MN Pit Bull alumni dogs and their families, and current adoptable dogs, throughout the event. It was fun to see our dogs up there, and hear the comments from those that don't know us.

And, of course, there was another photo booth this year. I spared you our silly faces on this one - mostly 'cause we looked more bad than silly.  :)

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  1. I call them (collars) "necklaces" too. My two former big dogs who now live in Heaven, when I bought them a new collar I would tell them that I got them a new necklace and they were always so happy. The little ones I have now don't seem to like them no matter what I call them.