Friday, April 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday April 20, 2012

Getting on the Wordless Wednesday bandwagon. Nevermind that it's Friday, I'll get on track next week.

Feel free to suggest a caption via the Comments section below!


  1. Hah, Elka would love it if somebody played with a tennis ball like that with her! I'm a spoil sport, and if she starts tugging with a ball, game over. There just isn't enough room for my hand, the ball, and her mouth!

    Pablo disapprove, it would seem.

  2. Sisters.......................

  3. Pablo is saying....I wish those two would go play somewhere else, I am trying to get some beauty sleep. (not that he needs any, since he is perfection)

  4. Sooo cute! I'm terrible at captions but this photo makes me happy :)

  5. Oh PLEEEZE,
    Get a room!!............