Thursday, July 12, 2012

Giveaway! 50,000 Blog Views = Handmade Mosaic Leash Holder for....

One month ago (June 11th), I posted a giveaway - a mosaic leash holder to be sent to one of our subscribers who commented on that post - when we reached 50,000 blog views.

WE DID IT!  Our readers are seriously the best. I know most of you are here because you already knew of Ramsey, Pablo and Suvi through YouTube and/or Facebook. I'm so excited that you care enough to listen to our behind-the-scenes stories, support us (me) through the harder, negative-feedback-times we go through in this life with famous dogs, and to share our ramblings with your friends.

This is a fun process for me - and I hope to look back on this blog one day and be so happy that I've (further) recorded the memories of our family, and that I've done much good for other dogs and friends along the way. Thanks for coming along for the journey!

All that mushy stuff out of the way (I really mean all of it), let's give away some fun stuff!

The handmade mosaic leash holder below will be sent out to.....

Tierra G!  

Tierra, I'll be in touch via email to get your address!

Thanks so much to all of you for reading, commenting, and sharing our fun. I have a few more leash holders (all handmade, all different) to give away in the coming months. Leave a comment below with your idea for an upcoming contest!


  1. Woo, congrats Tierra! And congrats on the 50k views!

    Hmmm, suggestions, though. Nothing comes immediately to mind, but I'll let you know!