Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pool Time!

Things have been crazy busy around here, which has left little time for posting. Though, I will admit...I've still been able to sneak in a little time for Pinterest here and there...but, I finally found some quiet time this morning to post a few summer time photos of the girls.

Last week, we had record-high temperatures, and the most consecutive days over 90 degrees in the last 20-some years. The girls LOVE being outside, and I hated to watch them look longingly out the window, only to be let out of the air conditioning into sweltering heat and humidity. So I went out and bought them one of those hard plastic kiddie pools.

Only....they didn't quite grasp the concept of a swimming pool. This is how THEY used it to keep cool...

Even after I sat it in (fully clothed, as I had no intentions of getting in when I ventured outside)...they still didn't care to join me. Suvi did get her paws wet at one point, but unless she was using it as an oversized water bowl, Ramsey stayed as far away as possible....

I didn't pick them up or try to force them in, but I really wanted to! (Actually, that's not true - I did put Pablo in.  He didn't hate it, hung out for a few seconds, and then hopped out and ran around the yard). The girls have no idea what they're missing out on!  We're going to keep filling it up on hot days, and hoping they catch on.

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  1. I think they'll probably catch on! Elka never went into the creek at our park until last year, when I called her attention to it and let her investigate it on her own time. Now she loves splashing in it, but probably because I didn't force her.

    It's funny, I've been thinking of getting the exact same kind of pool for Elka! You read my mind ;)

  2. Very cool, Jen. I'm glad to hear there's hope for them to come around! Suvi doesn't care to swim in lakes/rivers, but she LOVES to run through the edge of the lake and splash- so I'm hoping she catches on and jumps in the pool. I bought this one at Ace Hardware (any of them carry it) for $10!

  3. We have a pool like that for our dobes. Only one of the 3 is brave enough to use it. Not only has she figured out that it will cool her off, but she's also figured out if the other 2 are bugging her, she can go in the pool and they just stand back and look at her like she's crazy for sitting in the water. :o)

    1. Smart dog! I'm thinking eventually Ramsey might figure that out, as she's always the one getting "bothered" - plus, being that her coat is black, she'd probably get the most benefit!