Sunday, July 1, 2012

July - Dog House Repairs Month.

I have no idea who dreamed up this silly holiday, but we have one reason to celebrate. Her name is Suvi. Well, then there were those foster dogs that ate the floors, too.

Things that have already been repaired, after Tornado Suvi "fixed" them:

  • Drywall around both the cable jack and outlets in her room. 
  • Window trim that she gnawed on while she was teething.
  • Kitchen stools repainted after her first few weeks at home.
Things that have led to much, much bigger "repairs" - ie, remodeling - started with foster dogs, including Henry literally EATING the vinyl kitchen floor. No damage to him, but...
it did lead to a full kitchen remodel. You know the drill, well, as long as the floor is pulled up, and the appliances are already out of here, I should probably tile instead of replace the vinyl, and new appliances would be easier than hauling these old ones back upstairs. Oh, and may as well pull down the grapevine wallpaper, and paint. And re-do the trim. I mean, as long as the floor is ripped up....

And just a few weeks later, another foster ate through the plastic kennel bottom, through the carpet, and the pad, which of course led to needing to re-carpet Suvi's room.

Will you be celebrating Dog House Repair month?? Do you have any photos to share of your dogs' destruction? I'd love to post some (maybe before and afters??) - shoot me an email if you'd like to share! brandy [dot] lehto [at] gmail.


  1. Your foster dogs are very smart to have started the remodeling for you :)

  2. We had to replace all of the carpet on our first floor with hard woods due to doggie demo. Our Dobie had pee issues when she was a pup and basically would squat and pee all over the place. 3 steam clean vacs later we found out that the carpet never actually got clean. In the end all the renovations we do for our "fur kids" is worth it. We love our pups :).

  3. Pets can be quite a handful, but we still love them no matter what. :D The subway tiles for your new floor would make a superior match for your energetic pets, so worry no more. This is more resistant to damage but watch out for things dropping on the floor as it may cause the floor to crack.

    Hugh Exley